Another Day


In the morning when I wake

The thoughts come swirling in my mind -
Each day it feels so hard to take -
They swamp all efforts that I make.

But I must wash and try to dress,
It seems I’ve had no rest at all.
My parents think I act the fool,
(I know they’re lurking in the hall).

Dad (angrily):

Put on your clothes and get to school!
Do you think you own the shower?
You’ll cause your Mum to have a fit -
You’ve been in there well over an hour
We’re really sick and tired of it!

Time passes.

Dad (louder):

Now you’ve gone and missed the bus!
My God, you’ll be the end of us,
I’ll have to take you in the car (to school)
One day you’ll push me just too far.

Dad (shouting):

Look at me—don’t turn away
You’ve no idea the fees I pay (private school, psychologist, psychiatrist)
Oh Lord, don’t look at me and bawl,
I just can’t understand at all.
It tears my guts - you’ll drive me nuts -
(Like talking to a bloody wall!)

ARCVic Member & OCD sufferer