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ARCVic is committed to providing information to those most in need at the lowest cost possible and in some instances our seminars are free.

safeTALK: Suicide Alertness for Everyone Workshop

Presented by Michelle Graeber (CEO) and Renee Tsatsis (Helpline Coordinator)

In this 3.5 hour workshop, you will learn how to become a suicide alert helper and be better prepared to:

  • Notice and respond to situations in which thoughts of suicide may be present
  • Apply basic TALK steps (Tell, Ask, Listen, & KeepSafe)
  • Connect the person with thoughts of suicide to suicide first aid help and further community resources

safeTALK is run by registered LivingWorks trainers and uses internationally standardised learning materials.

Venue:           ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills
Cost:              $50 ($30 ARCVic Members). Cost includes materials and tea/coffee.
2019 Dates:
  • Wednesday 6th March, 10.00am-1.30pm. Book online here
  • Wednesday 5th June, 10.00am-1.30pm. Book online here
  • Wednesday 7th August, 6.00-9.30pm. Book online here
  • Tuesday 10th September, 10.00am-1.30pm. Book online here

 Download flyer for 2019 sessions  pdf here (292 KB)


Mindfulness Based Stress and Anxiety Program
4 Week Group Program
Mindfulness is a gentle approach but powerful way of learning to pay attention. This program is an introduction to the practice of informal and formal mindfulness to help reduce stress and manage anxiety.
In this 4 week group, you will learn how to become more aware of how your mind works, acknowledge when unhelpful thought and behavior patterns arise, and learn strategies to assist with intense feelings and sensations in the body associated with stress and anxiety.

Cost: $80/$60 ARCVic Members

2019 Dates: 

Group 1: Tuesdays March 12, 19 & 26 and April 2, 10-11.30am, at Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Book online here

Group 2: Tuesdays March 12, 19 & 26 and April 2, 6.00-7.30pm, at Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Book online here

Download flyer with details of both groups  pdf here (394 KB)



Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Presented by Michelle Graeber (CEO) and Renee Tsatsis  (Helpline Coordinator) 

ASIST is the most widely used suicide intervention model in the world. In this 2 day interactive workshop, learn how to:

  • Reflect on how your attitudes and beliefs about suicide affect your intervention role
  • Discuss suicide with a person witht houghts of suicide in a clear and direct manner
  • Build a collaborative approach to intervention focused on safe outcomes
  • Review immediate suicide risk and develop appropriate safeplans
  • Recognize that suicide prevention is broader than suicide first aid and includes life promotion and self care for caregivers

ASIST is run by registered LivingWorks trainers and uses internationally standardised learning materials.

Time:              9.30am-5.30pm both days (it is a requirement to attend both full days)
Venue:           ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills
Fee:               $300 / $260 ARCVic Members 
2019 Dates:
  • Thursday 21st & Friday 22nd March. Book online here
  • Friday 10th & Saturday May 11th. Book online here
  • Thursday 20th & Friday 21st June. Book online here
  • Friday 16th & Saturday 17th August. Book online here
  • Thursday 17th & Friday 18th October. Book online here
  • Thursday 5th & Friday 6th December. Book online here

Download flyer for 2019 sessions pdf here (360 KB)


Parenting Anxious Children Seminar

Children worry about many different things. Learning to cope with their anxiety, stress and fear can be really difficult indeed, not only for them, but for also for the parents and family.

Developing an understanding of anxiety and learning some skills to manage it can make a significant difference to a family and can help empower children to have a sense of control in handling their own worries.

Join our relaxed and informative seminar which includes:

  • Understanding anxiety and normal childhood development
  • How personality and environment contribute
  • Different types of anxiety
  • The signs and symptoms for you and your children
  • Management methods and strategies for you and your children
  • Relaxation techniques with tips on building resilience
  • Where to go for more information and help and take home material 

Cost: $20 

Upcoming sessions in 2019:
  • Wednesday March 27th, 6.30-8.00pm. Book online here
  • Wednesday May 29th, 6.30-8.00pm. Book online here

Download flyer  pdf here (365 KB)


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