ARCVic specialises in support, information, educational and recovery services for people and families affected by obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), OCD spectrum disorders including trichotillomania and body dysmorphic disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and agoraphobia, generalised anxiety disorder, specific phobias, stress disorders, and childhood specific anxiety problems such as separation anxiety and school refusal. ARCVic has extensive specialist expertise in the area of OCD, and also has an important secondary focus in a range of related mental health disorders such as depression, trauma related stress.

Education Seminars

ARCVic is committed to providing information to those most in need at the lowest cost possible and in some instances our seminars are free.

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Many of ARCVic's services are provided free of charge and we hope to keep our services as cost free as possible.

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The Anxiety Recovery Centre library is located at our new offices: 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills.

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Support Groups

Support Groups provide an opportunity for people to help one another, understand their anxiety disorder and the recovery process.


The groups provide an avenue to share their hope, motivations and their journey in a safe, supportive environment. ARCVic Member Marnie's poem The Open Door is a great expression of what we hope people bring to and take from our support groups.

A full list of all regular support group times is available below. Times and dates for each session are available through our events calendar. 

Click the location name to get address and meeting time details.");">🥳

Groups  Locations 
 Anxiety Disorders Support Groups

Ascot Vale 

Bentleigh *Now meets the first Monday of the month


Frankston *Due to venue renovations the Frankston Support group will be                          on hold until MARCH 2020




Footscray *NEW Evening TIME 7.00 to 8.30pm & meeting every 2nd                       Wednesday of the month



Surrey Hills Sunday 

Templestowe *On hold until further notice

*NEW Taylors Lakes 

 Regional Support Groups

*NEW Ballarat/Wendouree *Unfortunately the Ballarat/Wendouree Support Group will not be going ahead on Sunday 15th December from 11.00am to 12.30pm. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. The next group will meet on Feb 16th 2020.



 Specialised Support Groups for specific anxiety disorders:  

 Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) & Dermatillomania (Skin Picking)

Surrey Hills 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Surrey Hills 


Surrey Hills* A light lunch will be provided on Tuesday 10th of December at 12.30pm flowed by the Support Group starting at 1pm.



Social Anxiety

Surrey Hills 
Wellbeing Surrey Hills
Mindfulness Guided 

Surrey Hills 
Women's Childhood Trauma 

Surrey Hills 
Student Multicultural 


Interstate Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling) &

Dermatillomania (Skin Picking) Support Groups


Adelaide *We have replaced monthly meetings with casual daytime gatherings that hopefully lots of you can attend with family and/or friends. Please click on link for more information or call the ARCVic office on (03) 9830 0566.


If you are interested in attending a Support Group please contact us