ARCVic specialises in support, information, educational and recovery services for people and families affected by obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), OCD spectrum disorders including trichotillomania and body dysmorphic disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder and agoraphobia, generalised anxiety disorder, specific phobias, stress disorders, and childhood specific anxiety problems such as separation anxiety and school refusal. ARCVic has extensive specialist expertise in the area of OCD, and also has an important secondary focus in a range of related mental health disorders such as depression, trauma related stress.

Support Groups

ARCVic is proud to announce that from May 2021 the following groups will transition face to face:

To book your spot on any of our groups, please click on the following link, find your group that you're interested in and then click register.

Peer led, Mutual Self-Help Support Groups provide an opportunity for people to help one another, support one another in a confidential and safe space. 

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ARCVic CARES 4Me Program

(Coordinated Anxiety Recovery and Emotional Support)

The Victorian Government has funded the Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria, (ARCVic) to deliver a free program CARES 4me Program

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OCD and Anxiety Helpline (1300 269 438 or 03 9830 0533). If you are having trouble reaching us, you can also try our direct helpline number (03) 9108 7383.

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Education Seminars

ARCVic is committed to providing information to those most in need at the lowest cost possible and in some instances our seminars are free.

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Many of ARCVic's services are provided free of charge and we hope to keep our services as cost free as possible.

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The Anxiety Recovery Centre library is located at our new offices: 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills.

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