OCD & Anxiety Disorders Week

A week of community events, workshops and activities supporting people with anxiety disorders, their carers, family, friends and health professionals.

OCD & Anxiety Week Community Education Seminar, Saturday August 4th

Venue: The Vibe Savoy, 630 Little Collins Street, Melbourne (opposite Southern Cross Station)

ANXIETY AND CHILDREN (Morning session program: 9.30am-12.00pm)

Jasmine Loo & Cassandra Murphy - Anxiety and Autism

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) will often be faced with more intense levels of anxiety in their day-to-day life. Difficulties navigating the social world, understanding emotions and managing sensory processing issues are common factors associated with the heightened levels of anxiety amongst individuals on the spectrum. The talk will explore some of the links between anxiety and ASD in children, overlaps in the symptoms of the two disorders, as well as strategies that are helpful for better coping and management. They will also talk about girls on the autism spectrum, whose difficulties are often overlooked because of their ‘masking’ abilities & tendency for social mimicry.

Rachel Yeo & Melissa White – Exploring School Refusal in School Aged Individuals

School refusal occurs when severe emotional distress/anxiety leads to a significant amount of school absence. This can be challenging not only for the child/young person, but for the whole family unit. This presentation will provide an overview of school refusal, and will explore strategies and resources available.

Brendan O-Connell - Anxiety Aware Classrooms

The story of taking clinical expertise into the classroom setting through a Local Learning & Employment Network(LLEN), local schools and Anxiety Recovery Centre Victoria Partnership. This presentation by the Executive Office of Bayside Glen Eira Kingston Local, Learning & Education Network explores the development of resources that can be used in the classroom with students experiencing anxiety. There will be free downloadable resources at the end of this presentation.

A Personal Story – Anil

Anil will share his parenting journey of supporting an anxious child.

ANXIETY AND ADULTS (Afternoon session program: 1.30pm-5.00pm)

Dr Maja Nedeljkovic – Anxiety and Perfectionism

Maja supervises the perfectionism group program at the Swinburne University Psychology Clinic and will discuss positive and negative types of perfectionism, and explore practical strategies that can assist to create a healthier relationship with perfectionism.

Kathleen Cator  – Do you treat yourself as a good friend? An Introduction to Self-Compassion

Kathleen will provide an introduction to the Self-Compassion approach, and discuss how self-compassion is an essential foundation for optimal health, well-being, and resilience. Then, through guided experiential exercises, Kathleen will introduce audience members to basic self-compassion practices that can be used to respond to emotional distress and improve emotional health in daily life.

A Personal Story – Erin Bateman (Married at First Sight – Season 2)

Erin will share her own personal journey of living with anxiety, in particular, trichotillomania. Erin has been refreshingly open about her experience with trichotillomania, sharing her journey with her online followers.

Rachel Kable – Anxiety, Stress and Mindfulness

This presentation will focus on mindfulness and how it can be used as a stress and anxiety management strategy. You'll hear real-life stories about how mindfulness and other types of meditation have supported people during experiences of stress and anxiety, as well as some practical techniques you can apply yourself. 

Cost:Morning OR Afternoon session: ARCVic Members $20 / Non-Members $35

        Full day: ARCVic Members $35 / Non-Members $60

Bookings Essential. 

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Monday 6th August: Parenting Anxious Children

6.30-8.30pm at ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Fee:  $20 / $10 for ARCVic Members

A relaxed an informative seminar discussing anxiety in children, what is helpful/unhelpful in supporting your child, management strategies and steps for working through anxiety, relaxation tools and tips for building resilience, where to go for more information and help, and take home material to support you and your child.

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Wednesday 8th August: SafeTALK 

6.00-9.30pm at ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Fee:  $50 / $30 for ARCVic Members

Learn how to become a suicide helper and be better prepared to notice and respond to situations in which thoughts of suicide might be present, apply basic TALK steps and connect people with suicide first aid resources and further community resources.

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Thursday 9th August: Healthy Minds and Bodies

1.00-3.00pm at ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Fee:  $5 / FREE for ARCVic Members

Join us for a gentle walk and informal discussion about the links between healthy bodies and minds.  Learn more about the 8 week program available to assist with a return to exercise

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Friday 10th August: Mindfulness

1.30-3.00pm at ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Fee:  $10 / FREE for ARCVic Members

A gentle introduction to mindfulness, where will explore mindfulness principles (perception, letting go, non-attachment and presence of mind) and have an opportunity to experience a variety of mindfulness practices.

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