OCD Cognitive Strategies and Recovery Workshop

Next program starts February 17th 2018.

6 x 2 hour workshops supporting participants in building strategies to reduce anxiety and OCD symptoms.

Cost: $214.70 (Medicare rebates may apply for the full amount)

A one on one assessment with Angelique will be required prior to commencing the program (cost of assessment included in fee). Fees are required to be paid up front in order to secure your spot in the program.

OCD is an anxiety disorder that affects more than 500,000 adults and children throughout Australia.   It can have devastating effects on a person’s daily life due to recurrent intrusive and unwanted thoughts, described as obsessions. Most of these people, but not all, also engage in repetitive behaviours and/or mental patterns that are described as compulsions or rituals. These experiences can become extremely distressing for sufferers of OCD as they are time consuming and often interfere with their daily lives and can have a negative effect on their relationships with others.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an evidence based treatment for anxiety and is the basis of the program. Being in a group benefits many people suffering from similar symptoms as it provides a space for understanding and empathy that they may not feel they have in other areas of their lives.

For further information contact the ARCVic Office – 9830 0566 or Helpline – 9830 0533 / 1300 269 438

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Download a flyer  pdf here (222 KB)