OCD & Anxiety Disorders Week 2017

A week of community events, workshops and activities supporting people with anxiety disorders, their carers, family, friends and health professionals


Tuesday 15th August: Self Care Day 

11.30am-2.00pm at ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Fee:  $10 / FREE for ARCVic Members

An opportunity to take some time out for yourself and nourish your heart, soul and body. Activities will include yoga nidra, relaxation activities, and a community lunch. Please notify us of any dietary requirements.

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Tuesday 15th August: Parenting Anxious Children  

7.00-9.00pm at ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Fee:  $20 / $10 for ARCVic Members

A relaxed an informative seminar discussing anxiety in children, what is helpful/unhelpful in supporting your child, management strategies and steps for working through anxiety, relaxation tools and tips for building resilience, where to go for more information and help, and take home material to support you and your child.

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Wednesday 16th August: Introduction to Mindfulness

12.00-2.00pm at ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills.  Fee:  $10 / FREE for ARCVic Members

A gentle introduction to mindfulness, where will explore mindfulness principles (perception, letting go, non-attachment and presence of mind) and have an opportunity to experience a variety of mindfulness practices.

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Saturday 19th August: OCD & Anxiety Week Community Education Seminar
ANXIETY AND CHILDREN (Morning session program: 9.30am-12.00pm)
Alana Howells - Helping Children to Manage Difficult Emotions

Children experiencing anxiety commonly have difficulty knowing how to regulate their emotions, and parents often struggle to know how best to help them. This presentation by Alana (Principal Psychologist at Aurora Psychology) will help parents to understand what is going on for their children when they are experiencing difficult emotions, and provide practical ideas about ways to promote emotional health and wellbeing.

A Personal Story - Julie

Dr. Jacques Duff - PANDAS

PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcus) describes a subset of childhood obsessive-compulsive disorders (OCD) and tic disorders triggered by group-A beta-haemolytic Streptococcus (strep) infection. Strep uses molecular mimicry to hide in body tissues including the deep mammalian part of the brain, causing dysfunction. The autoimmune system attacks the strep, but in some genetically predisposed people mistakes the brain tissue for strep and attacks the tissues as well. The lack of consensus in medical practice as to whether OCD and TICS are likely to be caused by strep, is largely due to a lack of first-hand knowledge of the condition. Dr Duff (Principal Psychologist, Neuroscientist and Nutritionist at Behavioural Neurotherapy Clinic) will provide up to date information about the condition and its similarities to adult OCD, which may explain treatment-resistant cases. He offers his own insights and experience in the treatment of PANDAS using nutrients to protect and repair damaged brain cells.

ANXIETY AND ADULTS (Afternoon session program: 1.30pm-5.00pm)
A Personal Story - Amy

Dr. Jacques Duff - Biological Underpinnings of Mental Health Disorders

The law of cause and effect mandates that every mental health disorder must have one or more causes. Research suggests a combination of genetic predispositions, dietary and environmental toxins (including bacterial), lack of adequate nutrients and adverse past experiences. These conspire to create biological and emotional malfunction which are labelled as “Mental Health Disorders”. Dr Duff discusses how these causes can be teased out with laboratory tests that point to genetic vulnerabilities, dietary and nutrient deficiencies and discusses how they may be treated more effectively by addressing these possible causes.

Vanita Dahia - The Science and Natural Treatment Approaches in Anxiety

Vanita, an integrative medicine clinical consultant pharmacist, naturopath and clinical nutritionist, will discuss the role of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers in the brain) in anxiety, factors that can influence an imbalance of neurotransmitters (including diet, methylation, sex hormones, thyroid and the microbiome), assessment, and natural treatment approaches.

Bev Aisbett - Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

In this informative session, Bev (self-help author and counsellor) will offer insights and information to promote an understanding of the nature of anxiety and allied conditions, and the practical steps and strategies to encourage recovery.

Venue: Marriott Hotel, Corner Exhibition and Lonsdale Streets, Melbourne 


Cost: Morning OR Afternoon session: ARCVic Members $20 / Non-Members $35

           Full day: ARCVic Members $35 / Non-Members $60 


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