Call for excerpts - We want to hear about your experience of anxiety

Art Exhibition

Later this year we will be running an art exhibition in the hopes of raising some extra funds and awareness around anxiety disorders. The idea is to present art pieces that convey a positive and uplifting response to anonymous recounts of experiences with anxiety. A good opportunity to get some insight into encounters with various manifestations of anxiety is to ask those who live with it.

We need as many recounts as possible - so if you have a lived experience with anxiety and feel comfortable sharing, we would love to hear your response to the prompt “What anxiety is for you”. It can be a sentence, a paragraph or even a word, i.e “When I have anxiety I can’t breathe”, “I get butterflies in my stomach” or “Fear”.

Email us your experience at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mail your recount in to: PO Box 367 Canterbury Vic 3126. Recounts will be completely anonymous. All contributors that share an experience can come to the event to see how the artist responds, and as a thank you for your involvement, you will receive free entry!