Let’s learn to cope with COVID
and understanding how we can help ourselves and others

Presented by ARCVic, CEO Michelle Graeber

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COVID-19 Update

Find out how to access our services during the COVID-19 pandemic, plus tips on looking after yourself

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Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
ASIST is the most widely used suicide intervention model in the world.
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Managing Stress and Anxiety Teacher Resource Kit

Anxiety disorders can seriously affect a student’s ability to learn and take in new information. This is because stress has a negative impact on our ability to concentrate, make decisions and solve problems.

To go some way to combat this, last year we teamed up with Bayside Glen Eira Kingston Local Learning & Employment Network (BGKLLEN) to create the Managing Stress and Anxiety Teacher Resource Kit.

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Do you live with someone experiencing Hoarding Disorder?

Researchers at Swinburne University of Technology have developed a free group program to assist people who care for someone who experiences Hoarding Disorder. The program aims to provide information about the causes and treatment of Hoarding and to develop strategies to assist you with living with Hoarding.

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PTS Education and Recovery Strategies Workshop

This workshop is focused on increasing understanding and coping skills around traumatic stress reactions whilst keeping Post Traumatic Growth in mind.  It consists of 6 x 1.5 hour sessions that provide information for participants about PTSD and how it effects the brain, individual treatment options when working with a therapist, identifying values and learning new skills in mindfulness and grounding techniques with the purpose of moving towards a valued and meaningful life.

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What is good mental health?
Living & managing life’s expectations 

A discussion that aims to talk about the expectations of living in Australia when you come from an Australian Asian and/or Indian background:

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Are you an Anxiety Ambassador?

Would you like to participate in a unique opportunity to share your story of recovery?

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