Youth Obsessions Description

Obsessions are unwanted, upsetting, recurring thoughts that come into our minds over and over again. They cause us to worry about things that make us feel unsafe such as getting dirty; catching germs or that someone we love will get hurt. These unwanted thoughts can make it hard to concentrate on anything else - like school or to complete homework on time. Obsessive thoughts can be linked to compulsive behaviours. 

“I fear this bad thing will happen if I stop checking or washing my hands, so I can’t stop even if it doesn’t make any sense.”

... most of all, obsessions are CRAP!

Compelling – they are extremely difficult to ignore

Real – they are highly believable

Alarming – they always seem threatening, often shameful, bizarre

Painful – they are very nagging, distracting and tormenting

Obsessions are crap because they try to get us to feel worried all the time about things that might happen even if they are highly unlikely. Obsessions are crap because they keep going on and on about it – making us feel crapping, scared and annoyed. What we really want to do is tell them to go away and leave us alone.