Parent Support Services

Everyone has worries.

Some people worry more than others, but when you worry too much it can get overwhelming, and it can make you anxious and upset. Excessive worry can result in developing an anxiety disorder - even in children.

Our website includes information about various anxiety disorders that can effect children and teens.

At ARCVic, we run a series of workshops to support you in supporting your children with anxiety.

“As a parent I have struggled to find the most appropriate support for my child and felt ill-informed and unprepared. The workshop was excellent, informative and I feel I have a better understanding about children's anxiety and what I can do as a parent to support them.” - Mother of a 6 year old.

"Thank you very much for your presentation on Tuesday night on the topic of anxiety in was see so many people in the audience - to know that one isn't alone." - Y.F., Mother


Parenting Anxious Children Seminar

Children worry about many different things. Learning to cope with their anxiety, stress and fear can be really difficult indeed, not only for them, but for also for the parents and family.

Developing an understanding of anxiety and learning some skills to manage it can make a significant difference to a family and can help empower children to have a sense of control in handling their own worries.

Join our relaxed and informative seminar which includes:

  • Understanding anxiety and normal childhood development
  • How personality and environment contribute
  • Different types of anxiety
  • The signs and symptoms for you and your children
  • Management methods and strategies for you and your children
  • Relaxation techniques with tips on building resilience
  • Where to go for more information and help and take home material 
Upcoming sessions:

Tuesday 28th November, 6.30-8.30pm, at the Anxiety Recvoery Centre Victoria, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills. Book online here. Download flyer  pdf here (710 KB)

Mindfulness for Minors, Mums and Dads

School Holiday Program

This interactive and practical workshop is designed for children and parents to learn the principles of formal and informal mindfulness. The workshop provides an opportunity to develop strategies and daily mindfulness practice to reduce everyday stress and anxiety. Over three days you will understand the benefits of being mindful, learn a number of different strategies and fun, simple exercises that you can practice together. Suitable for primary school aged children.

Dates: Next dates TBA
Venue: ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills
Fee: $60.00 ARCVic Members / $80 Non-Members –
cost covers attendance of one adult and one child

Download flyer  pdf here (422 KB)


Survive and Thrive: Workshop to Manage VCE and School Stress

A 6 session program tailored to assist students in Years 10, 11 and 12 with identifying stressors, developing skills to manage VCE and school stress, and building self care strategies.

Dates: Next dates TBA
Venue: ARCVic, 292 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills
Fee: $90 ARCVic Members / $120 Non-Members